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Installation Guide


The “Installation Guide” is a comprehensive document that serves as a guide for clients during the installation process of their interior design project. This document allows Interior Designers to set expectations with their clients and developed a streamlined process for an excellent client experience. The Installation Guide covers important topics and provides valuable information to ensure a successful installation experience, consisting of four parts, each addressing different aspects of the installation process and the client’s responsibilities.

  • Part 1 includes a table of contents, an introduction, and an overview of the installation day.
  • Part 2 focuses on the preparations clients need to make before the installation, such as cleaning the space, removing old furnishings, and securing pets.
  • Part 3 highlights what the design team can and cannot do during the installation, emphasizing limitations on major repairs, specialized trade work, and clean-up beyond what is made during the process.
  • Part 4 covers the styling aspect of the installation, including assembly instructions for furniture and the option for additional styling services.
  • The guide also provides information on pricing, with different packages available based on the duration of styling services required.
  • Next steps for clients are outlined, including accepting the installation proposal, paying the installation retainer, and scheduling the installation date if applicable.
  • Contact information is provided for any questions or inquiries that clients may have.

This comprehensive guide aims to provide clients with a clear understanding of what to expect during the installation process, ensuring a smooth and successful transformation of their space.

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