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Finding Your Ideal Client
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Finding Your Ideal Client


This pivotal step is often missed but can literally determine the success or failure of your business. This 19-page combination eBook and workbook, Finding Your Ideal Client, is a comprehensive guide that helps interior design and decorating businesses identify their ideal client. By providing step-by-step instructions, exercises, and examples we’ll assist you in defining and understanding the target audience, emphasizing the importance of knowing the ideal client’s preferences, lifestyle, needs, and frustrations, and offering strategies for tailoring services and marketing efforts accordingly. The goal is to create a clear and compelling pitch that resonates with the ideal client, leading to successful business growth. Chapters include:

  • What an ideal client is
  • Who it most often resembles
  • The importance of having one
  • How other top companies utilize their ideal client to guarantee their company’s success.

Several workbook pages allow you to work through what clientele you’ll serve, who your ideal client is, their client profile, how to market to them, and what to do with all this information. This pertinent information exceeds that of the eBook by allowing you to explore effective marketing techniques specifically tailored to reach and engage with this target audience, create compelling pitches, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and establish a strong brand presence that resonates with their ideal clients. This is not a step to miss in your business development!

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