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Lead Turn Down Scripts


These canned Turn Down Scripts provide a valuable resource for interior designers to politely and professionally decline potential clients. This editable template consists of four pages that cover different scenarios, offering responses for designers who need to address availability concerns, clients with small budgets, unrealistic timelines, or clients displaying red flags.

Key features of the Turn Down Scripts include:

  1. Respectful and professional responses: The scripts are crafted to communicate a decline in a courteous and considerate manner, maintaining the designer’s reputation and professionalism.
  2. Multiple scenarios covered: The template addresses various common situations where designers may need to decline a potential client, ensuring comprehensive coverage of different circumstances.
  3. Editable template: Designers have the flexibility to customize the canned responses to align with their specific preferences and brand voice. This allows for personalized touches and the ability to tailor the scripts to individual circumstances.
  4. Standard operating procedures: The Turn Down Scripts can serve as standard operating procedures within the design team. Designers can share these responses to maintain consistency in client interactions and ensure a cohesive approach to turning down potential clients.

By utilizing these Turn Down Scripts, designers can navigate delicate situations with professionalism, save time by utilizing pre-drafted responses, and establish clear boundaries and expectations in client interactions.

All aspects of these documents are customizable unless otherwise noted. All forms use a free program in either Canva, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. A free account is needed to customize. This is a digital product. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and includes a SINGLE-USE, STANDARD license only, which allows for a limited commercial use. This product may not be resold, transferred, or shared with any professional entity outside of your employees. Copyright restrictions apply and legal action may be taken.

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