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Kitchen Questionnaire


The Kitchen Design Questionnaire is an 11-page comprehensive questionnaire that is used to gather detailed information about the client’s preferences and requirements for their kitchen design project. The questionnaire is designed to be filled out either with the client during a consultation or sent directly to the client for them to complete on their own and covers various aspects of kitchen design and is structured with multiple-choice, single-choice, and short-answer formats to capture specific details.

  • It includes sections dedicated to gathering general information about the client, such as their name, contact details, and project timeline.
  • The questionnaire delves into the client’s kitchen usage habits, exploring topics such as cooking frequency, meal preparation style, and family size to understand their specific needs and requirements.
  • Entertainment needs are addressed in a separate section, covering aspects such as dining preferences, hosting guests, and desired seating arrangements in the kitchen area.
  • Storage needs are given special attention, with questions regarding the client’s storage requirements, preferred organization systems, and specific items they would like to store in their kitchen.
  • The questionnaire dives into cabinet and drawer preferences, allowing the client to specify their preferred materials, finishes, and hardware options.
  • Cabinet styles are explored, with examples and descriptions provided to help the client visualize different styles and choose the one that aligns with their taste.
  • Countertop selections are addressed, with options provided for the client to choose from, including different materials, colors, and patterns.
  • The questionnaire also includes a section dedicated to finished edges, allowing the client to specify their preference for countertop edges, considering factors such as aesthetics and functionality.

Overall, this comprehensive questionnaire serves as a valuable tool for gathering in-depth information about the client’s preferences and requirements, ensuring that the kitchen design project aligns with their vision and meets their functional needs.

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