End of Year Planning and Analysis
End of Year Planning and Analysis
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End of Year Planning


Accessible via Google Sheets and fully customizable! This End of Year Planning is a yearly goal-setting and evaluation tool. It includes sections for reflections, quarterly goals, financial reflections, marketing and social media metrics, and more. It provides a comprehensive assessment of various aspects of the business to aid in planning and improving performance for the upcoming year. Includes two separate templated tabs with three different sections:


  1. Year Over Year Analysis
    • Tracking of general items such as leads, location of leads, lead conversion, number of clients per service,
    • Website tracking analytics
    • Quick reference financial information of gross and let income by service and product sales,
    • Client experience with the number of Google reviews obtained, portfolios added as well as…
    • Marketing and social media including follower counts, newsletter subscribers, advertising budget, conversion rate, and ROI.
    • Lead Conversion graph
  2. Detailed Yearly View
    • Sections:
      • Word of the Year
      • Goal Setting with sub-goals
      • Yearly tracking (automatically duplicated from the previous year’s analysis)
      • Journal promps / reflection section with specific questions related to your figures from the year

This End of Year Planning provides a comprehensive overview of the business’s performance and aids in strategic planning for the upcoming year.

All aspects of these documents are customizable unless otherwise noted. All forms use a free program in either Canva, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. A free account is needed to customize. This is a digital product. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and includes a SINGLE-USE, STANDARD license only, which allows for a limited commercial use. This product may not be resold, transferred, or shared with any professional entity outside of your employees. Copyright restrictions apply and legal action may be taken.