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Client Questionnaire


The Client Questionnaire is a comprehensive 14-page customizable document designed for interior designers. It serves to gather essential information from clients, allowing designers to understand their project requirements, preferences, and personal details. This questionnaire enables designers to create tailored design solutions that align with the client’s vision and lifestyle.


The Client Questionnaire includes the following sections:

  • General Information: Collects contact details, project addresses, and availability.
  • Project Details: Explores project completion timeframe, rooms to be serviced, and main points of contact.
  • Personal Information: Inquires about living duration, property purpose, budget, and residence type.
  • Lifestyle: Gathers information about the client’s family, occupation, and home ownership.
  • Personal Preferences: Uncovers personal interests, hobbies, and design considerations.
  • Children’s Information: If applicable, describes the personality and favorite colors of children.
  • Design Details: Captures the desired formality, ambiance, and preferences for furniture and accessories.
  • Lighting and Organization: Assesses the adequacy of lighting and organization in the spaces.
  • Notes: Provides space for additional comments or considerations from the client.

By completing this Client Questionnaire, clients provide designers with a holistic understanding of their needs, enabling the creation of customized and functional design solutions for their homes.

All aspects of these documents are customizable unless otherwise noted. All forms use a free program in either Canva, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. A free account is needed to customize. This is a digital product. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and includes a SINGLE-USE, STANDARD license only, which allows for a limited commercial use. This product may not be resold, transferred, or shared with any professional entity outside of your employees. Copyright restrictions apply and legal action may be taken.