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1099 “Employee” Contract


This customizable 4-page Independent Contractor Contract / 1099 “Employee” Contract is a great option to use when you need to subcontract out help but aren’t ready to fully hire someone yet. This contract is legally binding and written by a lawyer based in CT. It sets expectations and provides protection for anyone you hire or subscontract to join your team, including virtual assistants, design assistants, junior designers, and higher-level team members while protecting your reputation and company. Topics covered by this contract include:

  • Services and Compensation
  • Non-compete
  • Termination of “employment”
  • Independent Contractor Clause
  • Liability
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Intellectual Property and Copyrights
  • Legality

This 1099 “Employee” Contract is delivered in a .doc file that requires Google Drive or Microsoft Office to use.

Upon purchase, it is highly encouraged to have a local attorney review this contract to ensure it abides by local laws within your state/region. Portions of this Contract are specific to the state of CT and will need adjusting.


All aspects of these documents are customizable unless otherwise noted. All forms use a free program in either Canva, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. A free account is needed to customize. This is a digital product. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and includes a SINGLE-USE, STANDARD license only, which allows for a limited commercial use. This product may not be resold, transferred, or shared with any professional entity outside of your employees. Copyright restrictions apply and legal action may be taken.

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