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Full Service lI: Product Fee Proposal


This product, Full Service lI: Product Fee Proposal, is 10+ customizable Canva pages specifically tailored for Full Service clients and focuses on Phase II: Product Procurement of our seamless design process. Phase II is dedicated to the Product Fee, which is one of the three essential phases of our Full Service package

The Full Service package is strategically divided into three distinct phases:

  • Design Fee: Concept development, space planning, material selection, presentation, and revision.
  • Product Fee: Procurement of furnishings, materials, and accessories for your project as well as project management.
  • Install Fee: Professional installation, overseeing the process to bring your design to life, and project closure.

This includes crucial information related to the Product Fee phase providing:

  • A reminder of package information
  • Invoice for furnishings and accessories
  • Payment schedule
  • Terms and conditions as it pertains to product procurement

In summary, this document serves as a contract between the interior designer and the client, specifying the scope of services, fees, payment schedule, and other important details related to the procurement and installation of products. It ensures that both parties understand their rights and obligations throughout the project.

All aspects of these documents are customizable unless otherwise noted. All forms use a free program in either Canva, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. A free account is needed to customize. This is a digital product. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and includes a SINGLE-USE, STANDARD license only, which allows for a limited commercial use. This product may not be resold, transferred, or shared with any professional entity outside of your employees. Copyright restrictions apply and legal action may be taken.

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